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I've been practicing calisthenics since early August 2020. I started doing one hour per day, four days a week, then got up to six days a week for some vigorous months until I estabilized at five days a week, doing between 45' and 60'.

The important part is having the discipline to be consistent, and not miss a single day, unless absolutely necessary. You don't need to MAX OUT every day, but follow the progressions. Keep it up, and you'll see results in strength, elasticity, endurance and mood week after week.

You'll probably also end up wanting to eat better, because the days you don't, you're going to feel like shit.




My program

1bicep curls21hammer curls
2lateral raises22bear walk
4forearms24push-ups with elevated feet
5sit-up abs25wide push-ups
6leg abs (reverse crunch)26diamond push-ups
7corkskrew abs27archer push-ups
8rocky abs (dragon flag)28plank
9russian abs29plank up and down
10push-ups30high to low plank
11glutes31side plank
12calf raises32side plank raises
13floor dumbbell press33pull-ups with elevated feet
14flutter kicks34chin-ups with elevated feet
15squats35parallel bar leg raises
16weighted squats36one arm push-ups
17pull-ups with grounded heels37gymnast ab tucks
18parallel bar chest dips38parallel bar tucked pull-ups
19single bar chest dips39single bar tucked pull-ups
20parallel bar pull-ups with grounded heels40parallel bar corkscrew abs

Every week I pick six or seven exercises out of that list to build a circuit. I try to target the whole body with variety, but you could as well focus on a muscular group every week, hitting let's say core, then arms, then legs, and so on.

Some of the names can be a bit confusing or ambigous, I will try to fix this by using standard names for the exercises and providing links to videos, to show you how it's done, or at least how I do it. Most of them are taken from the YouTube resources you saw earlier, especially ATHLEAN-X™ and THENX.